Axtell/Be DAEP

  Rating Not Available   (Based on 2016 STAAR Data)
# 1 EAGLE DR, EDDY, TX, 76524
Looking for real estate near Axtell/Be DAEP? Use the list below to find your perfect home, investment, or rental property. Axtell/Be DAEP is located at # 1 EAGLE DR, EDDY, TX, 76524. The school is part of the BRUCEVILLE-EDDY ISD. To contact the school, call (254) 859-5525 ext:340 . The email address for the school is Don't see what you want? Try looking nearby in zip code 76524. You may also want to view Axtell/Be DAEP in map search.

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Homes for sale near Axtell/Be DAEP

Properties shown are near Axtell/Be DAEP, however school zoning information is unavailable. School assignments should be verified with BRUCEVILLE-EDDY ISD.

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