Price Reduction

Promote your listing's price reduction to visitors on

Consumers can now search for listings that have been reduced in price on If you would prefer that your listing not display the price reduction, please manage your listings below.
By default, all my listings will display the price reduction. You have following options:
  • I will turn on/off the display for each listing individually.
  • I do not want the price reductions to be displayed on for any of my listings
Note: If you have reduced your listing price today, please wait until midnight for the price reduction tag to appear on

This is what consumer sees on

You can configure each listing's price reduction: Login to the HAR Members Only Site, click on 'MLS' from the top menu, and then click on 'Price Reductions' under the 'MLS Tools' section of the left hand menu. click on 'Price Reduction'.
Price Reductions