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The HAR.com mobile app allows both consumers and HAR members to search for homes for sale or lease in Texas. Consumers will be able to use the award-winning HAR.com residential property search engine to find a home, favorite listings and view property search history. Members will be able to access MLS information (MLS subscribers only), their leads, their listings, as well as access their company's listing inventory.


The HAR.com iOS app is among the top 10 most downloaded app in real estate vertical. We will soon release the new version on HAR app to provide consumer and members access to community info, nearby info and more.

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The HAR.com iPad app provide an amazing experience for consumer with large photo display and rich information. For members, it works as a front-end system to MLS.

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The HAR.com Android app allows both consumers and HAR members to search for homes for sale or lease in Texas. We are rolling a major update to our app soon.

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Windows App coming soon!

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Wide range of search filters such as proximity, price, square footage and more. And still can view a history of your searches.


Overlay boundaries such as neighborhoods, schools, parcel and places such as resturants, libraries and more.


Search the most comprehensive and current real estate information in Texas. 8.2M Property tax records and assessed values & 20K Neighborhood and subdivision information.

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Search homes based on your preferred commute, agent rating, sold & more.

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