Listing Videos

Engage your customers in a new way with online videos

Your listing videos will provide consumers the opportunity to capture a more in-depth view of your property that still photos simply can’t provide. To help you get started with creating your video, we have made a list of production recommendations for you to consider. For help with creating your own video, click here. Once you've created your video, you'll need to upload it so that it can be promoted throughout For instructions on uploading your video, click here.

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Production Recommendations

Video no longer than 2 minutes in length

A. Introduction
  1. My first and last name
  2. My company name
  3. Listing Address
  4. Price/Bed/Bath/Location/Neighborhood
  5. Schools
B. Inside Tour
  1. Entryway
  2. Room-by-Room walkthrough highlighting features of each room
C. Outside Tour
  1. Backyard
  2. Lot Size
  3. Deck/Pool (if applicable)
D. Why this home should be purchased

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