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Brighton Gardens of Bellaire

4620 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, TX 77401

Welcome to Brighton Gardens of Bellaire , located in Bellaire , Texas. Here you will find detailed information about Brighton Gardens of Bellaire such as care information, general services and amenities. You can also search real estate or homes nearby Brighton Gardens of Bellaire .

Brighton Gardens is built on a commitment to our residence and their families. We believe no two people are alike, so the service and attention should never be exactely the same. Thats why we also offer a variety of lifestile, service and care options. By providing these choises, we not only offer solutions for today, but we provide the security of knowing that there are options for tommorrow.


Phone: (713) 665-3888
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  • Alzheimer's/Dementia
  • Assisted living
  • Hospice
  • Independent living
  • Respite/Short-term care
  • Short-term stays

General Services

  • Alzheimer's/Dementia
  • Assisted living
  • Hospice
  • Independent living
  • Respite/Short-term care
  • Short-term stays

Medical Services

  • Behavior & wound management
  • Continence care management program
  • Health & wellness education program
  • Medication management (Self-administration,supervision,administration)
  • Memory loss program director
  • Monthly wellness visits by licensed on-staff nurses
  • Nurse or paramedic on staff
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Reminiscence program for seniors with Alzheimer's
  • Speech therapy


  • Furnished
  • Hair salon / barber shop
  • Library
  • Personal refrigerator and microwave
  • Private dining rooms for special occasions and multi-purpose room

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Address Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
4011 Dumbarton St, Houston, TX, 77025Single Family$1,649,9005/55,2372
4111 Marlowe St, West University Place, TX, 77005Single Family$1,599,9994/34,5272
6524 Weslayan St, West University Place, TX, 77005Single Family$1,175,0004/33,2882
6440 Weslayan, West University Place, TX, 77005Single Family$799,0003/32,7002
4315 Ione St, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$975,0005/33,6282
4923 Welford Dr, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$1,195,0004/23,8833
101 Calvi Court, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$1,749,0004/55,3142
4429 Oleander St, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$933,8754/33,8602
4513 Valerie, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$1,899,0005/56,0952
3925 Marlowe St, West University Place, TX, 77005Single Family$1,350,0004/34,1872
6905 Academy, Houston, TX, 77025Townhouse / Condo$644,5003/22,8763
4902 Mayfair St, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$449,0003/11,0541
5100 Huisache St, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$1,600,0004/64,8532
3922 Riley, West University Place, TX, 77005Single Family$1,025,0004/33,9952
809 Jaquet Dr, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$489,0003/11,4521
5202 Braeburn, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$2,590,0005/76,3382
4215 Villanova, West University Place, TX, 77005Single Family$1,325,0004/34,1032
4938 Willow St, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$1,379,0004/34,5212
4700 Pine Circle, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$899,0004/34,2672
4311 Holt St, Bellaire, TX, 77401Single Family$1,125,0004/33,8922

Recently Sold Listings in Nearby Area

Address Sold Date Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
4303 Ione, Bellaire, TX, 7740104/17/2015Single Family$285,001 - $325,0002/19301
4142 University, HOUSTON, TX, 7700504/16/2015Single Family$1,242,001 - $1,425,0004/43,9043
4131 Milton St, West University Place, TX, 7700504/16/2015Single Family$717,001 - $827,0002/21,7081
4640 Cedar, Bellaire, TX, 7740104/16/2015Single Family$827,001 - $947,0004/43,7932
4813 Cedar St, Bellaire, TX, 7740104/15/2015Single Family$827,001 - $947,0004/33,6292
5305 Pocahontas St, Bellaire, TX, 7740104/15/2015Single Family$1,425,001 - $1,638,0004/56,1023
4530 Elm St, Bellaire, TX, 7740104/14/2015Single Family$1,082,001 - $1,242,0004/44,0062
4901 Cedar St, Bellaire, TX, 7740104/13/2015Single Family$717,001 - $827,0002/23,0902
4614 Cedar Oaks Ln, Bellaire, TX, 7740104/10/2015Single Family$482,001 - $552,0003/33,2192
4420 Wendell St, Bellaire, TX, 7740104/07/2015Single Family$717,001 - $827,0004/33,1692
4720 Linden St, Bellaire, TX, 7740104/06/2015Single Family$482,001 - $552,0003/21,5251
4500 Birch St, Bellaire, TX, 7740104/06/2015Single Family$552,001 - $627,0003/22,3041
4038 Gramercy St, Houston, TX, 7702504/06/2015Townhouse / Condo$627,001 - $717,0003/33,1373
4013 Gramercy St, Houston, TX, 7702504/02/2015Single Family$627,001 - $717,0003/33,6493
3923 Byron St, West University Place, TX, 7700504/02/2015Single Family$1,082,001 - $1,242,0004/23,3142
3922 Coleridge St, West University Place, TX, 7700503/31/2015Single Family$1,242,001 - $1,425,0004/44,0603
5515 Newcastle, Bellaire, TX, 7740103/31/2015Single Family$420,001 - $482,0003/11,5521
4706 Maple St, Bellaire, TX, 7740103/31/2015Single Family$1,082,001 - $1,242,0004/44,2682
4617 Holly St, Bellaire, TX, 7740103/30/2015Single Family$1,242,001 - $1,425,0005/54,7132
4408 Jim West St, Bellaire, TX, 7740103/27/2015Single Family$717,001 - $827,0005/33,0452



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