If these walls could what if a home has a past?

After showing homes the other night in a fabulous estate section section of West Houston, I ran across the odd the question of "how do you sell a home with a past?"

In my opinion, a home is like a living being. It was built by a human with a human spirit and designed by a person with an imagination to be a "home" a place of sanctuary and quiet enjoyment. It has character, uniqueness and feelings almost, to me that is. This is why I love the idea of one day buying some old historic homes in Houston and giving them beautiful new life and a facelift to make them smile again and shine and say "someone please call me home". Similar to a child's book I read my daughter at Christmas called "The Littlest Christmas Tree".

Well, as Real Estate Agents we have an obligation to our buyers and sellers, a legal one, to disclose any known facts that we have knowledge of regarding a property we are showing or selling. So I had to disclose...

Something bad had happened not in the home I was showing but on the street behind. The poor family estate has been trying to sell the property for awhile with no bites because it was on the news and people heard of the incident. While rare, especially in this upscale highly "safe" area, it still happened and most likely will never occur again.

I thought to myself, geez if I had the listing I would almost be very forthcoming about it and embrace the situation. Sure, buyers have superstitions and well the creeps maybe, but it was certainly not the home's fault and most likely the former owner would love to see that someone had the guts to take over this beautiful home and make it there own. One could get a Priest and have the home blessed or cleared of any negative karma.

Afterall, who knows what happens inside those walls of ANY home, do you? After a year in my current home a neighbor told me of some unfortunate things that took place in the home I bought and while it bothered me for the moment, a never give it a second thought. I love my home and my family is making great memories there. You get what you put out, karma.

You never really know and that's okay, unless you buy new of course. This bothered me and it seemed to have an very obvious impact on the community that was almost visible as I was driving my clients through. We are never really 100% surrounded by safety in this day and age, but look how many folks get on planes every day - right after 9/11 too.

My point, a home can be cleasned of these things, it's special in it's own way.

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