How About a 30 Day Challenge to Get Up and MOVE?

How About a 30 Day Challenge to Get Up and MOVE?  I have seen all sorts of challenges posted here on Active Rain in the past.  After reading Larry Lawfler's post this morning on Focus & Exercise, his post inspired me to pose this challenge.

First of all, many of you know my tremendous challenge this summer of having a large lung tumor removed.  The surgery itself was very difficult and the recovery extremely painful and debilitating.  No sympathy needed here however, as my commitment to physical exercise before and after have allowed my body to bounce back in a truly incredible way.

This challenge is not meant to make anyone feel guilty or bad if you don't exercise.  Rather, I hope that it inspires you to make a healthy change.  You will feel so much better, you will experience more stamina and vitality and be aware - it can be addicting!

Secondly, our health and physical well-being is THE most important thing.  Without your health, life is difficult to enjoy and experience in it's fullest!  When our bodies are not exercised, they become weak and much more susceptible to disease and illness.

Finally, the human body by design was made to MOVE.  We were not made to be sedentary beings.  If you study the anatomical make-up of the body, this amazing structure has specific muscles and tendons that are there in order for us to be mobile.  For instance, the Achilles tendon is an amazing tendon specifically designed to allow us to run!  The muscle in our neck allows us to be upright and moving while keeping our head from bobbing from side to side.

Run for Recovery

So, what are you going to do to challenge yourself to GET UP AND MOVE?  You certainly don't have to become an ultra athlete, you simply need to commit to moving.  Taking a walk, rowing, treadmill, tennis, walk a round of golf, walk the mall, swimming, get on a bike, take a dance class.

It doesn't matter HOW you MOVE, what matters is that you MOVE!  I hope you will join me in the is challenge.  Commit to doing something physical for 30 straight days.  Not sure is Kerrie will give you any points or not yet the reward for this will be much more rewarding ~ your health WILL improve and isn't that reward enough?

Good luck and I hope to hear from you all on this.

(p.s. This goofy shot of me was after completing my last mile of a 5K race just two months after my lung surgery.  I could have NEVER done this without a strong base prior to the surgery.  What a celebration!)

Paula L. Hamilton ~ Broker/Director


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