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If your income is from monthly SSI payments...
Posted 6 days ago

Hi (again)!! :) Here is a link to the HCAD (Harris ... view more

Is it time to sell a luxury...
Posted 1 month ago

Hi Sandra, There is a rebalancing occurring in the ... view more

I have recently fell in love with my Phillips HUE...
Posted 1 month ago

Tory, Happy New Year! I have friends who love thei ... view more

What action should you take if someone is running...
Posted 1 month ago

Hi Michael, You could contact the scammer directly ... view more

Hello HAR I was wondering what the standard cost...
Posted 2 months ago

The cost can very greatly! What are you inspecting ... view more

Can I trust the Zillow Zestimate of my...
Posted 3 months ago

I have written a blogpost on this topic which addr ... view more

My house is in good condition but we are having...
Posted 3 months ago

Hi Tristan, In short, if your house is in good con ... view more

If I want to sell my home, shall I set it above...
Posted 3 months ago

Hi Tristan, As a general rule of thumb here are th ... view more

Tenant damaging...
Posted 3 months ago

Hi Sandra, While you can not ensure 100% that a te ... view more

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