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I am new to the area. I am a potential rehabber with experience but not in the Houston market. Looking for an experienced agent in the flipping field.

Hi Mark,nnI can give you few pointers on where to look and what areas will bring you good return on your investment.nAre you looking for properties to flip and sell or flip and rent (2 different ball games)? nWhat's your budget? Do you have a lender? more...Posted 4 weeks ago

How long must you wait before you completely own a foreclosed property?

HinnIt depends on the bank who owns the property, as well as the bank who is providing you with mortgage (if applicable). If you're obtaining mortgage to purchase the foreclosed property, home inspections may delay the closing process- especially if more...Posted 4 weeks ago

Can you negotiate on hud home if you overbid the value of the home ?

Hi,nI would recommend you sit down with your Realtor and her Broker or Manager and discuss your options. It's hard to answer your question without making assumptions, as there isn't enough information to go by. So I will proceed with the assumptions more...Posted 1 month ago

Do I need a lawyer to handle my real estate transactions?

Hi Todd,nAbsolutely! Every country (even every state in the US) has different laws as they relate to real estate transactions. Some countries in Europe don't even use real estate agents, the transactions are conducted between two parties with a transaction more...Posted 2 months ago

Why MUD taxes inside City Limits? See details for my full question

Hi Mr. Wilson and welcome to Houston!nPart 1.nEverything about MUD is just as “clear” as mud.nThere are a lot of property codes and laws governing annexation laws, so it’s impossible to answer your question with absolute certainty- as the outcome more...Posted 2 months ago

What is the next big Master Planned Community?

In which area?nnYvonne ChauvinPosted 2 months ago

I am seeing more and more home buyers looking for properties in Houston. What are the major factors that made Houston so attractive?

What he said!nCost of living, thriving economy and amazing diversity and culture, remarkably resilient real estate market, and of course- the climate! nThank you,nYvonne ChauvinnRealtorn281-686-0143Posted 2 months ago

Any lender out there who can qualify international buyers?

Hi John,nI know few lenders who can qualify international buyers, but the programs available to international buyers are very specific and have very strict requirements. Without knowing more details it's hard to direct you to the right person. But if more...Posted 2 months ago

Should home owners be at the open house?

Hi John,nnWhile nothing prevents a homeowner to be present at the open house (it is after all their property), I wouldn't recommend it for many reasons. nFirst and foremost- you want your guests at the open house to feel welcome and comfortable to look more...Posted 2 months ago

When is the last date home owners can file for exemption?

Hi John,nLast day is end of April. Here is the info:n this helps,nnYvonne ChauvinnRealtornYvonnechauvin@yvonnechauvin.comn281-686-0143Posted 2 months ago

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