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Any good tips and advise for first time landlord?

Congrats on starting your life as a landlord. It can be both rewarding and maddening at the same time. Good Luck!n1. Use list the property there at no charge, the tenants then list their SS# and DL# and you will receive a credit report more...Posted 9 months ago

Is It True I Need 20% down to get into a home?

The answer is "No" you do not have to have 20% to purchase....but if you put 20% down you do not have to pay PMI and that will save you a lot of money!!! Posted 1 year ago

Resale Furniture Establishment?

Have you heard of Offerup?? It's a great App Posted 2 years ago

Houston new construction detached garage

All you need to do is hire a Realtor to help you. Let the agent do the research for you and relax. The seller pays the fee so why not take advantage of it.Posted 2 years ago

need list of Houston real estate companies

Google it. Why are you looking for the list? If it's to sell or buy choose a brokerage in your area, example google Real Estate office in Katy. Posted 2 years ago

Specific Duties of a Buyer's Agent

I would think that if you close 50 transactions a year and work with several agents you would have a list of your requirements down pat. Sounds like you just want a way to prove that the agent dropped the ball.

I suggest you get your more...Posted 2 years ago

I have a couple that wants to purchase a home from a builder that they found. And use me as agent.

There are a few questions you can help the buyer with, if they change their minds can they get their earnest money back? Most builders will not give it back no matter what the reason is for not going forward with the deal. If it's priced under $250,000 more...Posted 2 years ago

when should a property be marked pending?

Good question, I don't use pending on my properties in this market I use Pending Continue to Show because anything can happen up and until the day of closing so why not leave it open to back up offers.Posted 2 years ago

Is it possible to advertise a property for rent on your site without being a realtor or listing w/one?

No you can't advertise on HAR but that isn't the only reason why you should use a Realtor to assist you. What contract are you going to use to make sure you are protected? If you are going to try to do it yourself at least use to more...Posted 2 years ago

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