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Mark McNitt

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"Assisting Buyers and Sellers for over 20 years. Need more info? Please call me 832-567-4357 "

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Is there a such thing as finding a Home 100%?

Are you referencing 100% financing? Yes, with VA financing.Posted 2 days ago

I took the FaceBook which is provided by Title Company and I pay $10.00 for the CE credit. How do I check my CE credit on TREC? How do I find out these CE providors record my CE class? I see my classes on HAR, but these brokers and Title are question

Look up your name on the TREC website and it will list all of your education classes taken including those before your were licensed. Put your name or license number in the box "License Holder Search" on the home screen.Posted 2 days ago

what is the propert way to withdraw an offer during option period

You send to the Seller's agent the filled out TAR-1902 Notice of Buyer's Termination of Contract. You don't "withdraw", you terminate the contract completely. You would also send along with this document the Release of Earnest Money form if in the more...Posted 2 weeks ago

Under Contract - Continue to Show

Hi Ben,nnWhy would you want to view a home if the home has a contract and is "Pending" or pending to close? Any why would you and your Realtor want to look at this home? Because the Buyer that has the contract on the home now has not removed one or more...Posted 3 weeks ago

If a buyer has viewed the Deed Restrictions, does he need to request delivery of subdivision information?

Up to the Buyer. There is more to the "Subdivision Information". It is listed at the top of the HOA Addendum to contract. The other items are typically the resale certificate that covers the financial health of a community, insurance, dues and any more...Posted 3 weeks ago

How to find a good location to move in Houston

Thank you for sharing that information. Of course I would HIGHLY recommend the Very handy on mobile devices. Tons of information as well. And most importantly, updated every 15 minutes with the latest homes for sale and lease. All the other more...Posted 3 weeks ago

How much interest can be written off on taxes?

Hello Shaka,nnYou can use all of your property taxes as well as mortgage interest as deductions when calculating your federal income tax returns. Always best to speak to a professional CPA or tax expert to understand how this will effect your total more...Posted 1 month ago

If your income is from monthly SSI payments (disabled,) is there any programs to help offset your real estate tax

Remember to file your homestead exemption on your home. Every home owner is entitled to this basic property tax exemption on their principle residence. In addition, there are other exemptions such as over 65, disabled and more. Check with your local more...Posted 2 months ago

Can someone please help me find a realtor???

Commissions for rentals is much less than a sale and this is a big reason Realtors avoid working on leases. In addition, renters tend not to be as committed to one agent. That being said, interview 2 or 3 Realtors. Find one that works with renters more...Posted 2 months ago

Are Investors required to provide Sellers Disclosures

Hello Marti,nThe answer is yes, investors when selling are required to provide a Texas Sellers Disclosure. I provided a link to the TAR legal hotline below. This is a benefit to all TAR members. You can simply call them and ask legal questions such more...Posted 2 months ago

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