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"Assisting Buyers and Sellers for over 20 years. Need more info? Please call me 832-567-4357 "

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If your income is from monthly SSI payments (disabled,) is there any programs to help offset your real estate tax

Remember to file your homestead exemption on your home. Every home owner is entitled to this basic property tax exemption on their principle residence. In addition, there are other exemptions such as over 65, disabled and more. Check with your local more...Posted 2 weeks ago

Can someone please help me find a realtor???

Commissions for rentals is much less than a sale and this is a big reason Realtors avoid working on leases. In addition, renters tend not to be as committed to one agent. That being said, interview 2 or 3 Realtors. Find one that works with renters more...Posted 2 weeks ago

Are Investors required to provide Sellers Disclosures

Hello Marti,nThe answer is yes, investors when selling are required to provide a Texas Sellers Disclosure. I provided a link to the TAR legal hotline below. This is a benefit to all TAR members. You can simply call them and ask legal questions such more...Posted 2 weeks ago

Picking a realtor for a long distance owner

Hello Gary,nnInterviewing 2-3 Realtors might be the first thing you would do. You may have received mailers from Realtors at the town home community, you might get a referral from a neighbor there. Friends in Houston might also be able to point you more...Posted 3 weeks ago

What is the Principal, Mortage, Interest and Tax payment for a new loan?

Mary Ann,nThere are mortgage calculators that can assist you. I also like to use apps provided by the title companies that can show all closing cost for Buyers as well as Sellers. On the condo, your not going to have "insurance" as the HOA covers the more...Posted 3 weeks ago

If I rent out my house which has already been under homeowner insurance, should I need to buy landlord's insurance too ? Thank you !

Hello Ray,nnYes, you want to speak to your insurance agent in regards to the home being leased out. There are additional liabilities you might to protect against. In addition, many do not realize your insurance needs to be modified if the home is simply more...Posted 3 weeks ago

How can i find agents that just closed on homes

Hello Cedric,nnYou might be looking for marketing opportunities with these Realtors. Possibly wanting to sell services/products to those that have just purchased a home perhaps? You do not have access to this information via, but possibly by more...Posted 4 weeks ago

Where I can fine a list of inspectors for different insertions, like general inspections, plumbing and foundation

Your Realtor is the best source. He/she will have worked with all of there types of inspectors. Make sure when you do find them, they are insured and ask what type of report they will provide. There might be some reviews as well on different sites more...Posted 4 weeks ago

Is there a way to search for a townhome by"first floor living"? I use "2 storey" , but sometimes 3storey offers first floor living.

Hello Jerry,nThis question has come up before and maybe down the road will add more features to search for, but right now there is no way for the public to search for location of living room on the real estate web site.nThat being said, we the more...Posted 2 months ago

Should I rent a house or buy?

Hi Tammy,nnLong term, buying is always the best option as you control your living expenses to some degree and your paying down a mortgage (vs paying rent) and thus increasing equity in a home that you can recoup when you sell...kinda like a forced savings more...Posted 2 months ago

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