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when and where is the next technology booy camp?

There is a complete schedule on Look under the training tab and all of the classes are there with dates and times. I've also included a link below that should take to right to the class schedule. Posted 1 month ago

How do I find how much the house across the street sold for last month?

You will need to ask a Realtor. Sales aren't public information. Posted 2 years ago

Do you leave feedback after showing a property?

I always provide feedback. Every time. I wish more agents did this. Posted 2 years ago

Need help with square footage calculation

Great answer from Karen. Sounds like you should have the house measured yourself just to be sure. When in doubt, double check and verify. Posted 2 years ago

Does anyone do property management or know of a good management company?

I manage property. I mostly work on the west side of town. You are welcome to contact me for more info. My email is jodi@firstmarketrealty.comPosted 2 years ago

A current tenant is planing on purchasing a home, can he/sh terminate the lease? If yes, with or withou

I have rental properties and I've had tenants break the lease. I keep their deposit and let them go. The houses lease again so quickly that I don't lose money. For me, it's not worth the hassle to go after them for any other money owed. Posted 2 years ago

In Need Of A Realtor

Interview several agents. They should let you know their hours. I don't typically work on Sundays as it's my time with my family. There are plenty of agents who do work Sundays. I bet you get several of them here. Just make sure you check them out more...Posted 3 years ago

most popular bookmark

HAR for sure.Posted 3 years ago

How do I go about getting a Realtor or broker?

You should feel very comfortable with the person you want to work with. Ask a lot of questions. You are more than welcome to call me and I will help get you started. You will definitely want someone who works in your area and someone who has the experience more...Posted 3 years ago

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