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"10 years experience in: 1) selling above appraised value 2) Foreclosures/investments 3) Leasing / Property Management 4) Buying at discounts"

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Are you required to put up money in for the option ?

Candy,nYes 'consideration' is needed for the option to be valid. $1 is enough consideration. Some agents make the mistake of putting 0, then the option is not valid, i.e. there is no option period.nPosted 3 weeks ago

If a buyer has viewed the Deed Restrictions, does he need to request delivery of subdivision information?

In the amendment for property owner association, there is a place to select if buyer elects to receives the subdivision information.nbest,nfrancois@cozy-homes.comPosted 2 weeks ago

Under Contract - Continue to Show

Hi Ben,nIt means the sellers still wants to show the property although they are already under contract. Typically a seller does that when he does not trust the buyer will close quickly or when the negociations after inspections are tough. I have purchase more...Posted 2 weeks ago

what's the required down payment for a first time buyer? How would be the best way to buy a first home? Fanny Mae (sp?

Hi Patty,nIf you qualify for a conventional loan, there is a new program with only 3.5% down payment. It came out about three months ago.nIf you don't qualify for that, FHA will require you to put around 3.5% and some closing costs.nFeel free to contact more...Posted 3 weeks ago

My Rental Lease: Is this the proper way to do things?

Hello,nIn short it is not the proper way. I own a property management company and I am familiar with these issues. I will not give a blank advice on a forum without seing the document. If your are wanting to move to another place or buy a home let us more...Posted 3 weeks ago

Help i need more space

Hi Noah,nThe basic criteria for rental will be that you make 3x rent in income it is pretty standard.nAn agent in my office will be able to help you, send me an email at and we will find a rental for you.nBest,nfrancois@cozy- more...Posted 3 weeks ago

How early should you start to look for a house to rent?

Hi Erin,nI own a property management company and we will not accept application for a lease date greater than 15 days away.nStarting your search 30 days prior is plenty enough, specially if you work with a company that is used to leasing and property more...Posted 3 weeks ago

What areas to buy rental properties in Houston

Hi Jeremy and Maria,nnThis is a topic I adress extensively in my blog: short, neighborhoods in the path of progress with good schools and low crime will make your best rental investments. There is many more...Posted 4 weeks ago

Buying one while selling another

Hi Patricia,nYes it is possible! There is several tools for that: contingency on your purchase contract, buyer temporary lease and seller leaseback. Please contact us direcly to explain you the pros and cons of each case.nBest, more...Posted 1 month ago

Filters not do I fix?

Hi Christopher,nSometimes you just need to refresh the search/screen. As realtors, we have a more detailed filter search that I would be happy to set for you. You get notification on your phone if you would like and it is more precise than the consumer more...Posted 1 month ago

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