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is my license renewal date 03/31/2018

Your license expiration date is 03/31/2018nnYou can check in below link your real estate education history, expiration date, sponsoring broker and other information.nn more...Posted 2 weeks ago

I need a matrix tutorial on how to add a Seller's Disclosure Notice to a listing when it was filled out w/authintisign

Dear Kala, nnAfter saving it as pdf, you can attach it with Add/Edit Attachments and Choose the saved file. You can have a look at the youtube video illustrating how to add/edit the attachments. It starts from 4:30 onwards more...Posted 2 weeks ago

When and where is the foreclosure auction for Harris county?

Dear Dayanara, nnForeclosures held every month on the first Tuesday of the month starting at 9:00 am at Bayou City Event Center 9401 Knight Rd Houston, TX 77045. The next one will be held on 2nd January 2018.nYou can contact me if you need further information more...Posted 1 week ago

comparative market analysis

Dear Ray, nnRealtors with Pricing Strategy Advisor PSA, designation can provide you an accurate comparative market analysis. You can search and find Realtor with PSA designation around your zip code with the given link below.nnRegards nnCagdas AcarnMsc more...Posted 2 years ago

recent sold comparables to my home in the last 60 days. square footage versus sold price

In order to compare other properties with yours Realtors need to know about your house first. A generic price per square foot will not give you an accurate results especially having non homogeneous houses with different builds, models etc. nTo have accurate more...Posted 2 years ago

Do dog parks add property value

Yes, they do add value to your property. Many Americans have dogs thus dog parks are becoming necessity. Dog parks completes your neighbourhood with other amenities, parks, trails, lakes etc. Saying that the added dollar value may not be easily calculated, more...Posted 2 years ago

I want to buy a second house. Should I get a regular mortgage or get a equity loan?.

Dear Edgar, nnRealtors have general knowledge of the type of loans. A loan officer/lender will give you in detail answer about all loan options. Saying that the type of loan will depend on your credit, salary, debt to income ratios, type of property, more...Posted 9 months ago

My House is Flooded What do I do?

Dear Khasif, nnSorry to hear that you are being effected from this big disaster. Coming to your questions. If you have the finances to fix it, you can check with the contractor the cost of fixing and with Real Estate Professional to provide you the home more...Posted 2 weeks ago

I need an apartment but an eviction shows on my credit report .

Dear Dexter, nnWe are here to help you. There are apartment complexes open to evictions cosigner, low or no credit tenants. Contact me. I can provide you a list of the apartments suiting your needs. nnRegards, nnCagdas AcarnMsc PSA RealtornMobile: 832-283-1091nEmail: more...Posted 2 weeks ago

Do I need to talk to a lender to rent a home?

Dear Kyle,nnIt is not necessary to talk with a lender for renting a home. What do you need ? Give me a call I can help you to rent home that best suit your criteria. nnRegards, nnCagdas AcarnMsc. PSA RealtornMobile: 832-283-1091nWebsite: more...Posted 3 weeks ago

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