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In General category - 2 Answer - about 1 day(s) ago
Quote As a seller, what do we do, concerning FHA loans, about an appraisal that was inaccurate?
We were selling our home and the contract didn't go through. The buyer wanted us to lower our price due to an inaccurate appraisal. You can stand in front of our home and see a major measurement discrepancy!
In Home Appraisals category - 4 Answer - about 1 day(s) ago
Quote Horrific we have any options?

Horrific credit. High 500's. Good job and rental history. Misdemeanor criminal history almost 20 years ago Pay is 5-7000 a month. Current LL gave a little over a month to find a new place. We've been looking since the 15th of July. Unable to find a place that does not require x2 deposit and first month (a little over $4000 to move in). No other place to go.

We've either been denied, str
In General category - 3 Answer - about 2 day(s) ago
Quote I'm on a L1 visa and would like to buy a home with low down payment, what is needed to get? some help?
1. L1 visa and employr will sponsor greencard
2. I dont want to pay a big down payment (prefer to pay insurance to pay below the 20%- i will get some awards from the company in 2017 and 2018 which will help me to pay down the loan)
3. I will get my second W2 this coming year (2015)
4. Want to find someone who can help me to apply/get a mortgage?
In Mortgage & Finance category - 3 Answer - about 3 day(s) ago
kaye miller
Quote What is the most that unit 2701 in The Mark Condominums has sold for.
Like to get previous sale info on The Mark condominiums, dating back to 2005.
In Home Values & Recent Sales category - 2 Answer - about 6 day(s) ago
Quote Is it right or legal for my realtor to take one month deposit for house needs?
I have a property thats being managed by a realtor in Houston, He has taken (without previous agreement or consent from myself) one month deposit to have in case things are needed to be done around the house. I just want to know if this is legal or right, I would like to say something to him about it, but would like to have grounds to base my complaint. Thank you in advance, your answers will be
In Property Management category - 4 Answer - about 8 day(s) ago
Rashmi Ahya
Quote Is my house listed with MLS lsting?
My address is 5430 Kenilwood drive,Houston,Texas,77033
In Home Marketing category - 2 Answer - about 8 day(s) ago

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