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In General category - 4 Answer - about 2 day(s) ago
Quote Homeowners insurance
Whom do recommend for homeowners insurance?
In Home Buying category - 2 Answer - about 4 day(s) ago
Quote Is there a standard % increase in HOA fees for high rise buildings?
I was told to expect an annual increase, in the neighborhood of 8%. I would like to verify this and wonder if anyone has more info. This seems like a question that buyers would ask. Thanks, Sharon
In Highrise & Condo category - 1 Answer - about 5 day(s) ago
Quote I have been accepted to the MRE Program with Realtor U.Its not accredited yet.Do you think its worth it?
It's affiliated with the National Association of Realtors. I can cut the tuition cost in half through their scholarships. Several Brokers/Sales professionals have all ready graduated which is key to their accreditation.All professors have their PhD's and are certified.Each course is online and takes about 8 wks 20 /- hrs week. I am exempt from several courses, so it should take less than year. Any
In Education category - 1 Answer - about 5 day(s) ago
Quote After a Seller has advertised their home for a certain price on can they change their price?
I made an offer on a home that was listed for $230,000. The Agent told my Realtor that he was going to talk to the Sellers and see about them changing their list price. He also told my agent that he had another offer. I hurried and put in an Offer for $240,000 not knowing what the other offer was. Then the Seller increased their price to $280,000 and changed it on This seems like
In Home Selling category - 3 Answer - about 5 day(s) ago
Quote Need to Get Rid of Junk to Sell Your Property?
If clearing out junk and debris will help you get your listing sold faster, I have the Perfect referral for you!! Victor and his crew are reliable, professional, courteous and hard working. They have been instrumental in removing heavy contents for a client and made the property look great! Victor may be contacted at 832-947-8515 for phone/text.
In Home Improvements & Repair category - 1 Answer - about 7 day(s) ago

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