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Quote Can I pull lists of properties with realtors contact info that fit my criteria so I can make offers?
I'm an investor and I want to download (export) lists of properties that meet my criteria with realtor contact information so that I can begin making offers. Can I do this from HAR?
In Foreclosures & Investments category - 3 Answer - about 6 day(s) ago
In General category - 3 Answer - about 7 day(s) ago
Howard Leff
Quote Our home is being shown by multiple agents. Last night I recvd a call that the agent could not enter.
I wasn't too far away and drove back home to be of assistance. When I arrived the front door was open, the key was in the lock and no one was in the house. All were in the back yard/patio. If any of the many thieves and loonies knew that this appears to be the norm, just follow a REA with those big magnetic signs and it's instant robbery. Something MUST BE DONE for protection
In Home Safety category - 5 Answer - about 12 day(s) ago
Quote Deed restrictions and/or HOA adendum were not in our closing papers. How is this legal?
The HOA website that contains the deed restrictions will not let you see tem until you log on until you are a resident. When I have bought homes in the past in Houston the deed restrictions were always in our closing documents and we had to sign them. When did that change?
In General category - 2 Answer - about 12 day(s) ago
Quote What is required for a room to be a bedroom?
I'm told a closet, window and door are needed in Texas. Does anyone have any information about the requirements of the window? Does it have to open? I would think so for safety reasons, but I'm touring a number of new luxury townhomes that have a door, closet and access to a bath on the first floor ... but the window in the room on the first floor is fixed. Can it be a bedroom / sleeping room with
In Home Buying category - 6 Answer - about 14 day(s) ago
Quote Do Agents Disclose Bonuses / Incentives?
Is a Texas agent (whether a REALTOR or not) obligated to disclose to their buyer client the agent will be paid a bonus or incentive to sell a property (by the builder, etc.) If so, when is disclosure done --- before the viewing appt; during appt; etc. and are they obligated to disclose the amount of the incentive? If this is obligatory, what is the source ---ie is it part of the buyers agreement
In Home Buying category - 3 Answer - about 14 day(s) ago
Quote Not being a realtor, what website can I go tofor working up a good faith estimate
I am considering buying a home and I would like to work up good faith estimate so that I can have an idea of what my payments will be. Is there a finance website that I can go to/
In Mortgage & Finance category - 5 Answer - about 15 day(s) ago
In General category - 3 Answer - about 20 day(s) ago
Quote Listing traffic report
View the traffic your property receives on HAR
In Home Marketing category - 3 Answer - about 20 day(s) ago
In General category - 5 Answer - about 20 day(s) ago

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