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Nan Feng
Quote Need a credit and Criminal check website
Hello Agents,

Could you recommend a website that you can check tenants' credit and criminal background history? There are quite a few to choose from and I don't know which one is good and inexpensive.

Thank you very much!
In General category - 0 Answer - about 57 minute(s) ago
Quote A home loan for non-US resident
Can I count on a home loan?I'm a non US resident and don't live in the US as well.
Where shall I apply for it?
Thx in advance, Angelica
In Mortgage & Finance category - 2 Answer - about 1 day(s) ago
CiMP Happy
Quote When should you shop around for a mortgage loan? Do they pull your credit every time you contact someone?
Is it to late to shop around? I just found out my offer was accepted. I was working with a lender and felt a little uneasy about the process with him\her. Is it to late to shop for a lender? I checked online for rates and used mortgage calculators for my scenario the rates online are 4.2 but was given 4.7 by the lender.
In Mortgage & Finance category - 2 Answer - about 1 day(s) ago
In Education category - 1 Answer - about 1 day(s) ago
Atta Shay
Quote building homes and selling them yourself
Hello Community,

Currently I am developing land and building homes on them. I have two homes which are about to start construction within a few weeks. I plan to hold my license over at champions group and list the properties on mls myself. I constantly see homes being sold before they are even built and I believe I can do the same. Are there any regulations that prohibit builders from selli
In Home Selling category - 1 Answer - about 2 day(s) ago
Quote Can owners list rental houses in HAR without the involvement of real estate agent? Edit
I know that for the MLS, only a real estate agent is allowed to list properties, is it the same case for HAR? We own properties and we are wondering what the process is and what media is available for a leasing by owner deal; we would like of course to have agents to work cooperatively with us (for a commission) to identify interested potential tenants. Thanks, Maria G
In Property Management category - 4 Answer - about 3 day(s) ago
Quote Leasing agent giving out lock box code, allowing unsupervised showings while I'm not home.
I'm renting a home in Houston. The leasing agent has put a lockbox on my door and has been sending out the code to interested parties. I'm still living here and have had people walk in my home without my knowledge and without a Realtor. Is this not against a code of ethics? I don't feel comfortable with unsupervised strangers coming in my home, especially when I'm not home.
In Property Management category - 3 Answer - about 6 day(s) ago
Quote Seeking rental in Cypress area
We are moving out of our current house Aug 31, which is located in the Spring Cypress/249 area, and are looking for a 3 or 4 bedroom home to rent. We want to be in a good school zone because we have a son who will go into the public schools next year. We are looking to pay $1500 or less (less is better) per month in a home that will allow us to bring our small dog. We are hoping to have some help
In Relocation & Newcomer category - 3 Answer - about 6 day(s) ago

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