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Village on the Park - Steeplechase

12102 Steepleway Blvd., Houston, TX 77065

Welcome to Village on the Park - Steeplechase , located in Houston , Texas. Here you will find detailed information about Village on the Park - Steeplechase such as care information, general services and amenities. You can also search real estate or homes nearby Village on the Park - Steeplechase .


Phone: 281-970-7979
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  • Independent living

General Services

  • Independent living


  • Exercise equipment
  • Garden / Patio and sitting areas
  • Gated community
  • Hair salon / barber shop
  • Individually controlled heat and air conditioning
  • Library
  • Personal refrigerator and microwave
  • Private bathroom
  • Private dining rooms for special occasions and multi-purpose room
  • Swimming pool
  • Unfurnished

Recently Listed in Nearby Area

Address Property Type Price Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
9922 Gold Cup Way, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$139,9003/21,4861
12522 Merit Way Ct, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$190,0003/22,0841
10107 Bayou Trail Ct, Houston, TX, 77064Single Family$259,0005/33,7052
9835 NW Bestin Ln, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$228,5003/22,5661
12210 Paddock Way, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$165,0003/22,0201
12315 Fetlock Dr, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$135,0003/21,4901
10315 Buffalo Bend Dr, Houston, TX, 77064Single Family$122,0003/21,3901
9743 Knights Dr, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$194,9004/22,5712
10910 White Oak Bend Dr, Houston, TX, 77064Single Family$116,0003/21,3541
9803 Paddock Park Dr, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$159,9003/21,9022
10011 Sand Dollar Dr, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$274,0005/33,2502
11411 Meadowchase, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$185,0003/21,9382
12218 Yearling Dr, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$139,9003/21,4901
10827 Oak Bayou Ln, Houston, TX, 77064Single Family$255,0004/23,0441
10615 SADDLEHORN TRL, HOUSTON, TX, 77064Single Family$179,9003/21,7311
10403 Foxrow Ln, houston, TX, 77064Single Family$112,0003/21,2971
69 Cherry Hills Dr, Jersey Village, TX, 77064Single Family$289,0003/32,3141
12223 Paddock Way, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$157,5003/21,6932
11718 YEARLING, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$98,7002/11,1081
12018 Newport Shore Dr, Houston, TX, 77065Single Family$385,0004/23,8002

Recently Sold Listings in Nearby Area

Address Sold Date Property Type Price Range Bed/Bath Sqft Stories
11402 Jockey Club Ct, Houston, TX, 7706504/23/2015Single Family$160,001 - $185,0004/22,5562
11439 Hambleton Way, Houston, TX, 7706504/21/2015Single Family$120,001 - $140,0004/22,4722
10314 Buffalo Bend Dr, Houston, TX, 7706404/20/2015Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/21,4021
11011 Paterno Drive, Houston, TX, 7706404/17/2015Townhouse / Condo$160,001 - $185,0003/21,8612
11403 Travelers Way Cir, Houston, TX, 7706504/15/2015Single Family$140,001 - $160,0004/21,7002
9603 TOP GALLANT, HOUSTON, TX, 7706504/14/2015Single Family$140,001 - $160,0003/21,5262
11003 W Paterno Drive, HOUSTON, TX, 7706404/10/2015Townhouse / Condo$185,001 - $215,0003/22,0832
11311 Crayford Ct, Houston, TX, 7706503/31/2015Single Family$140,001 - $160,0003/21,8161
10110 Lakeside Gables Dr, Houston, TX, 7706503/31/2015Single Family$285,001 - $325,0004/33,0902
9602 Brookhaven Park Dr, Houston, TX, 7706503/31/2015Single Family$185,001 - $215,0003/22,3981
10414 Buffalo Bend Dr, Houston, TX, 7706403/27/2015Single Family$105,001 - $120,0003/21,4201
11230 E Travelers Way Cir, Houston, TX, 7706503/24/2015Single Family$120,001 - $140,0003/21,5461
9843 BESTIN LN, HOUSTON, TX, 7706503/23/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0003/22,4771
11005 Paterno Drive, HOUSTON, TX, 7706403/20/2015Townhouse / Condo$140,001 - $160,0002/21,3662
12007 Roan Dr, Houston, TX, 7706503/20/2015Single Family$120,001 - $140,0003/21,4901
10002 Jockey Club, Houston, TX, 7706503/19/2015Single Family$185,001 - $215,0003/22,1441
11302 Chiselhurst Way Ct, Houston, TX, 7706503/16/2015Single Family$185,001 - $215,0004/32,8762
9539 Saffolk Punch, Houston, TX, 7706503/12/2015Single Family$120,001 - $140,0003/21,2981
12023 Miramar Shores Dr, Houston, TX, 7706502/26/2015Single Family$215,001 - $250,0003/22,4321
10022 Chiselhurst Way, Houston, TX, 7706502/26/2015Single Family$120,001 - $140,0003/21,6961



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