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We Custom Create Interactive Property Plans That Sell Homes Faster and For a Better Price. In Last 5 Years, 30% Have Sold OVER List !
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Hi! I am the owner and operator of SMARTePLANS, (Smart-ee-Plans) the patented floor plan property pictorials that display on your MLS property listing.

Go to and COMPARE how we market properties!


$407 Million Dollars of Property Has Sold 21% Faster Than the MLS Average with 34% Selling Above List Price


1. We've Sold Faster (Less Days On Market)than MLS, even though our ....

2. Average Sales Price is $1.38M dollars -- 5 TIMES the MLS average sales price of $247,623 -- and in the process ....

3. An Average of 34% of those $1.3M+ Properties we marketed --- Sold OVER List Price!!!

HOW DOES IT WORK? We measure the home and draw to scale a digital floor plan that displays to consumers on MLS as part of the listing. These are not %u21Cbuilder%u219s plans%u21D. We call them BUYER's PLANS as they show an amazing amount of detail, and the features buyer%u219s want to see%u226. These are not blurry, hard-to-read scanned files... the PDF format allows magnification up to 6400% to see the most minute details and features.

We embed photos of the rooms right into the floor plan%u226 clicking on the photo symbol launches the photos right out of the floor plan for viewing. NOW all the photos make sense as they are viewed IN RELATIONSHIP to the floor plan!

WHAT IS THE BENEFIT? Both Realtors & HomeSellers want to sell quickly and for the best price. Both look for an "edge" in the marketplace to make the property more accessible and visible to Buyers. Internet savvy Realtors that use the most up to date, system-integrated tools to market SMARTePLANS .... are getting faster and favorable results in the marketplace. The marketplace is changing....buyers are changing.... use NEW tools specifically designed for eMarketing. Use the best tool to market & move your properties .... use SMARTePLANS.

Visit my web page ( and see SMARTePLANS of homes currently on the market. Look up the property files on MLS; check my refererences from top-level Houston Realtors and call me with questions. SMARTePLANS give your property an "edge" --- and I look forward to working for YOU!

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