$ 149,750  Market Value
Per Appraisal District
For Sale
4 Beds
2 Full Bath
6,240 Lot Sqft.

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About 10502 Ripplewave Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77498

10502 Ripplewave (currently not for sale) is located in Townewest subdivision in Fort Bend County. The market value per appraisal district is $149,750 for this 4 Bedroom(s), 2 Bath(s), 2,768 building square feet and was built in 1976. View 10502 Ripplewave property features, tax value, calculate mortgage value, nearby schools and similar homes for sale. The current tax rate for the property is 2.56%. The market land value for 10502 Ripplewave is $20,000.
A sales price or tax value is not the current market value. Contact a REALTOR® for an estimate of this property's market value.

General Description

Not Currently For Sale
Market Value:
$ 149,750/Appraisal District ($54/sqft.)
10502 Ripplewave
Zip Code:
Legal Description:
4 Bedroom(s)
Building Sqft:
/Appraisal District
Year Built:
1976/Appraisal District
6,240 Sqft. 
/Appraisal District

Property Tax for 10502 Ripplewave Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77498

3 Years of Appraised Values

Cost/sqft based on Tax Value

Tax Year Cost/sqft Tax Assessment Change
2015 $45.91 $127,070 10.00%
2014 $41.73 $115,520 10.00%
2013 $37.94 $105,020 --

2015 Fort Bend County Appraisal District Tax Value

Market Land Value: $20,000
Market Improvement Value: $129,750
Total Market Value: $149,750

Tax History

2015 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $127,070
2014 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $115,520
2013 Assessed Value/Appraisal District: $105,020

2015 Tax Rate

FORT BEND ISD: 1.3400 %
FT BEND CO GEN: 0.4650 %
FORT BEND DRNG: 0.0210 %
FT BEND MUD 2: 0.6600 %
FT BEND CO ESD 5: 0.0714 %
Total Tax: 2.5574 %

Fort Bend County Appraisal District

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Neighborhood Facts for 10502 Ripplewave Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77498

2015 Subdivision Facts

Subdivision Name: TOWNEWEST
County / Zip Code: 77498
Single Family Properties: 1,991
Average Bedrooms: 3.07
Average Baths: 1.90
Median Square Ft.: 1,383
Median Lot Square Ft.: 6,352
Median Year Built: 1980
Median Appraised Value: $100,780
Neighborhood Value Range: $87 - $123 K
Median Price / Square ft.: $84.01

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School Information for 10502 Ripplewave Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77498

Assigned Schools for this property

Name Ratings Grade Grade Span District
Townewest Elementary School Elementary PK - 05 FORT BEND ISD
Sugar Land Middle School Middle 06 - 08 FORT BEND ISD
Kempner High School High 09 - 12 FORT BEND ISD

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Property Map for 10502 Ripplewave Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77498

Drive Time for 10502 Ripplewave Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77498


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10502 Ripplewave is a 4 Beds, 2 Full Bath(s), property in Sugar Land TX 77498. View photos, map, tax, nearby homes for sale, home values, school info...

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